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Prices Sale    Villa 1 (last villa)          (Prices subject to change)

(According to Thai law only Thai people
can own land, therefore we do long-term leases, as for inst. 30 years.
Other options such as land ownership by a Thai company may be negotiated, the land value is about 10 Million THB per Rai = 1600 m2, 1 House plot is about 850 -1050 m2 including the privat Street part)

The saleprice is to be paid in THB - CHF or EUR

calculate the current exchange rate with the

House fully furnished ca. 9'500'000 210'000 260'000
Rent of Land per year
is adapted to the national index
110'000 2'700 3'300
expected costs per year      
Garden und Pool Maitainance per year 42'000 1'000 1'200
Electricity (as per consumtion ca.) per year
about 4.5 B / kWh = ca. CHF 0.14 / kWh
36'000 900 1'100
Water (as per consumtion ca.) per year
1 m3 costs 10 Bath = CHF 0.03
10'000 250 300
other small charges are possibel